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Sea Green

Sea Green is an integrated end to end solution that mitigates climate change impact, improves livelihoods as well as repairs and enhances the environments that support the agriculture and fisheries ecosystems.

Inclusive Business for all in the Value Chain

Sea Green is shining light on the imbalanced seaweed supply chain in Southeast Asia, where out-of-date practices and fractured supply chain management worsens financial inopportunity and inequality for many farmers in rural communities. In order to rebalance the supply chain in ensuring fair and ethical working practices for the farmers, Sea Green is redesigning the current ecosystem from biased and exploitative to distributive and restorative.






Credit Unions

Education Providers

Financial Services


End to End Traceability

Integrated Management Platform

An end to end traceability engine designed for the value chain, integrating smart tagging solutions with blockchain technology and integrated payment rails to streamline the production of raw seaweed against increased liquidity.

Buyer Transparency

An integrated operational management platform for the local commercial organisations, comprising mobile front-end and enterprise architecture to manage data and optimise processes - Driving revenue & creating value from farmer to consumer.


How it Works

A fully End to End Solution for the Blue Economy