Community Impact

sea green community impact

Sustainable Community Models

Sea Green are shining a light on the imbalanced seaweed supply chain in Indonesia, where outmoded practices and fractured supply chain management exacerbate the financial exclusion and inequality of many farmers throughout the country. In order to rebalance the supply chain to ensure fair and ethical working practices for the farmers, Sea Green is redesigning the current ecosystem from biased and exploitative to distributive and restorative.
Our central aim is to strengthen community resilience by adding value into the community holistically through capacity building and economic empowerment. The communities drive the decision-making processes and build resilience from within, through credit unions, MFIs and cooperatives and in turn, we provide the necessary external capacity through the following to ensure communities remain resilient:

Access to Finance

International Management Experience

External Funding

Protection for Disasters

Training for Sustainable and Resilient Farming Practices

Technology for drying, seedling development, blockchain, QR coding and traceability

Education and financial literacy

Why Cooperative Solutions?

Cooperatives and Associations, are operated by their members for their mutual benefit, which encourages a more inclusive decision-making process and helps enhance social and economic cohesion throughout both the community and the organisation itself. The inclusive nature of an employee-owned institution enables the empowerment of coastal communities and offers an opportunity to build resilience from the bottom-up.
Additionally, due to the strength of relationship and levels of trust between members, cooperatives are ideal structures for implementing model change and transition. Introducing MARI Indonesia: a purpose-built seaweed community for our pilot project in Bone, South Sulawesi. MARI will serve the specific needs of the farmers by delivering technical and financial assistance to address a range of issues. Below are a few examples of MARI’s wide-ranging benefits & deliverables:

Sea Green's Key Objectives