SME BlueImpact - Sea Green and MARI Oceans

ADB launches BlueImpact; Sea Green and MARI Oceans showcased

NEWS | January 28, 2021

In January 2022, Sea Green and MARI Oceans joined the Asian Development Bank’s Healthy Oceans Tech & Finance forum, engaging in two panels. The first discussed the need for solutions supporting social inclusion and gender equality in coastal communities, encouraging participants to build these narratives into their implementation from the very start.  

In the second, Sea Green was showcased alongside MARI Oceans as initial projects for the new ADB BlueImpact Ocean SME Finance facility. This exciting new platform seeks to de-risk SMEs essential to the growth of the blue economy in Asia Pacific; our organisation is proud to support this vital initiative right from the very start. 

Watch our presentation below to understand more how we intend to build and scale impact across the region in the next five years.