Sea Green Partners With Luminis Water Technologies

NEWS | March 31, 2022

To better support coastal livelihoods, it is imperative for us to address the challenges of biosecurity and farm management. As climate change continues to deepen these risks, early disease risk assessments provide a framework to strengthen preventative measures and coastal resilience, improving quality across the value chain as a result.

Our core strategy at Sea Green lies in collaborating globally to achieve desired impact, and today we expand our network with a brand-new partnership.

Luminis Water Technologies is a company trusted by clients for their reliable and efficient operations. Going into biomolecular detail, they are capable of extracting key information regarding the quality and disease risk of a water sample. This is extremely useful to keep primary producers informed on the immediate risks their harvest faces, and with Sea Green’s data connectivity, this knowledge can be recorded onto the blockchain and made transparent across the value chain.

This combined insight model thus ultimately improves prevention and management capabilities; for the farmers as much as the downstream producers who are better informed on the provenance and quality of their seaweed.

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